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Located on 14 acres just 30 minutes east of Downtown Cleveland, Suma is a historic recording studio specializing in classic analog equipment.
SUMA Live Room
SUMA Control Room
SUMA Control Room
SUMA Control Room
SUMA Live Room SUMA1-optb-1536x1157 SUMA3-opt-1-1536x1157 SUMA Control Room SUMA Control Room SUMA Control Room


Console & Sidecars

64 Channel SSL 4000G with Total Recall and Ultimation

8 channel custom sidecar designed and built by Ken Hamann circa 1972

7 channel custom tube mixer designed and built by Ken Hamann

Sound Workshop 1280b (12 channels with Super EQ)

Tape Machines

Studer A827 2 inch 24-track analog tape machine

Ampex MM1200 1 inch 8-track analog tape machine

MCI JH110 1/4 inch 2-track analog tape machine

DAWs & Converters

Pro Tools HDX running on 18 core 2.3GHz iMac Pro with 128 GB of RAM 

iZ Technology ADA II with 24 channels of Nyquist converters 

Lynx Aurora 16



Dynaudio BM15A


Yamaha NS-10


API 3124+ 

API 3124  

Great River MP-2NV

Chandler LTD-1 (x2)

Universal Audio 2-610

Millennia HV-3C

Focusrite Red 1

John Hardy M-1 (4 channels) 

Manley Voxbox

TL Audio EQ-1


GML 8200 (x2)

Lang PEQ-2 (x2)

Chandler Tone Control

Chandler LTD-1 (x2)

UREI 545 (x2)

Manley Voxbox

TL Audio EQ-1


Teletronix LA-2A (vintage)

Skibbe Electronics 5-9C Red Stripe (x2)

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X (x2)

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8

Empirical Labs DerrEsser (x2)

UREI 1176LN (vintage blackface) (x3)

Dramastic Audio Obsidian 500

DBX 162 (x2)

DBX 520 (x3)

BSS DPR-901 II (x2)

Joe Meek SC4

Warm Audio WA-76 (x2)

Warm Audio WA-2A (x2)

Outboard Effects

EMT 140 Plate Reverb

Ecoplate II Plate Reverb

Roland Space Echo RE-201 Analog Tape Delay

Echoplex Analog Tape Delay (x2)

Lexicon 480L

Lexicon PCM 60

Lexicon PCM 70

Klark Teknik DN780 w remote (x2)

Eventide Insta-Flanger

Yamaha Rev 7 

Ensoniq DP/4

TC Electronic D-Two

Peavey Digital Delay


AKG D112 (x2)
AKG c414 (Silver w/ brass CK12 capsule)
AKG c414 (Silver)
Altec 201A
Altec 21 Type
Altec 633A
Apex 460
Audix D6
Beyerdynamic M160 N (C) (x2)
Beyerdynamic M500 N (C)
Beyerdynamic M88 TG
CAD CM217 (x12)
CAD Equitek II
Cascade Fathead
Cascade Fathead w/ transformer (x2)
Crown PZM (x2)
Electro-Voice 642
Electro-Voice 676
Electro-voice 654A
Electro-voice RE15 (x2)
Groove Tubes 5sc (x2)
Neumann KM54a
Neumann KM84i
Neumann KM86i
Neumann KMi (x3)
Neumann M49
Neumann M50
Neumann SM2
*Neumann U47 (x2)
Neumann U87 (x2)
Oktava MK-012-01 (x4)
RCA 44
RCA 77
Royer R-121 (x2)
Schoeps CMC6–U
Sennheiser MD 21
Sennheiser MD 421-U-5
Sennheiser MD 421/9
Sennheiser MD 441-U (x5)
Sennheiser MKH 40 (x2)
Shure PE65L
Shure SM57 (x4)
Shure SM81-LC (x2)
Sony C535P (x3)
Telefunken AK47 (x2)
Telefunken ELAM251F
Telefunken M80
*Telefunken U47 (x2)
*Items are currently being refurbished and will be back in our mic locker soon!

Instruments & Amps

Steinway 9FT Grand Piano

Hammond A100 organ

Fender Rhodes 73

Wurlitzer Model 200 Electric Piano

Yamaha Recording Custom Drum Kit

Fortune Custom Drum Kit


Audio Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Film Post, Score, Sound Design, Foley, Editing & Mixing

Music Production & Arranging

Tape Transfers & Audio Restoration

Forensic Audio

Audio Book & Podcast Production

Video Production



SUMA mics
SUMA hallway
SUMA cabin


Michael Seifert

Michael Seifert

Owner | Composer | Producer |
Audio Engineer

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Dave Shaw

David Alan Shaw

Producer | Audio Engineer


8 Ball
15-60-75 (The Numbers Band)
Allman Brothers Band
American Greetings
American Zoetrope
Apple Music
Atlantic Records
Authentic Films
Brian Bacon
Colette Baron-Reid
Baskerville Hounds
Alex Bevan
Big Hoke
The Bizarros
Black Island Condors
The Black Keys
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
Brownsville Station
Betty Buckley
Buddy Thunderstruck
Colbie Caillat
Canned Heat
Capri Records LTD
Care Bears
Eric Carmen
The Carter Family
The Choir
City of Cleveland
Cleveland International Film Festival
Cleveland International Records
The Cleveland Orchestra
Cobra Verde
Keyshia Cole
Ry Cooder
Francis Ford Coppola
Damnation of Adam Blessing
Dazz Band
Death of Samantha
Discovery Channel
Colin Dussault
El Marko Records
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Epic Records
Euclid Beach Band
Dominick Farinacci
Ray Flanagan
Fleetwood Mac
Food Network

Fountains Of Wayne
Geffen Records
Gentlemen Hall
Sonny Geraci
Gotta Groove Records
Grand Funk Railroad
Guided By Voices
Jamey Haddad
Hazard Adams
Human Beinz
Interscope Records
Island/Def Jam Records
The James Gang
Elton John
JZ Productions
The Katy
B.B. King
Terry Knight
Jonah Koslen
Lenny Kravitz
Ernie Krivda
Lemon Pipers
Gerald Levert
Lincoln Electric
Little Richard
Robert Lockwood Jr.
Los Nombres

Lucky Pierre
J. Mascis
Nicholas Megalis
Molkie Cole
Mom’s Apple Pie
The Moody Blues
Chuck Mosley (Faith No More)
Jason Mraz
Mr. Gnome
The OC
Ohio Sky
The O’Jays
Oregon Space Trail of Doom
Oscar Mike
Osmond Brothers
Our Lady Peace
The Outsiders
Pere Ubu
Carl Perkins
Pimp C (UGK)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Romeo is Bleeding

Ruthless Records
Sad Planets
Scat Records
Glenn Schwartz
Bob Seger
Scott Sharrard
Bobby Sherman
Russell Simmons
Paul Simon
The Singing Angels
Skywalker Sound
Sony Records
Regina Spektor
Michael Spiro
Sports Illustrated
St. Valentine Records
St. Vincent Charity Medical Center
Michael Stanley
The Statler Brothers
Steve Miller Band
Stoopid Buddy Stoodios
The Sublets
The Super Bowl
Sweet Apple
SXSW Film Festival
Tee Pee Records
Third Eye Blind
David Thomas
Rob Thomas
Tin Huey
Tiny Alice
Too Short
Tori Amos
TVT Records
UGK Records
Universal Records
University Hospitals
Virgin Records
Joe Vitale
Fabio Viviani (Top Chef)
Kate Voegele
The Waitresses
Joe Walsh
Warner Bros Records
Charlie Weiner
Wild Cherry
Brian Wilson
Edgar Winter
Johnny Winter
Frankie Yankovic
Neil Zaza
Zoetrope Aubry Productions

Legacy clients under management of the Hamann family are designated by color.


Suma Recording’s rich history stretches back to 1934 with the formation of Cleveland Recording Company, Cleveland’s first professional recording facility. Originally founded by Frederick C. Wolf, Cleveland Recording grew to become a renowned world-class facility under the guidance of chief engineer and technician Ken Hamann. The studio was responsible for numerous hit records including The Outsiders’ “Time Won’t Let Me,” The Lemon Pipers’ “Green Tambourine,” “Nobody But Me” by The Human Beinz, Wild Cherry’s “Play that Funky Music” and records by Grand Funk Railroad, The James Gang, Polka King Frankie Yankovic, The O’Jays, and many more.


In 1970, Wolf sold Cleveland Recording to Ken Hamann and John Hansen, who moved the studio to a new location in 1972. In 1977, Cleveland Recording was forced to relocate again after the building the studio occupied was sold to Cleveland State University. At this time, Hamann and Hansen parted ways and Hamann founded Suma Recording, bringing most of the equipment from Cleveland Recording with him to the new picturesque location. This included an extensive microphone collection, custom recording consoles that Hamann designed and built himself with the assistance of his sons Paul and David as well as fellow Cleveland Recording engineer Michael Bishop, an army of analog tape machines, and a vintage Neumann cutting lathe. Cleveland Recording’s massive library of analog tapes and acetate records were also moved to the new location, where they still reside today.


Suma continued under the ownership of Ken Hamann until his passing in 2003 at which time his son Paul (who had worked with his father from an early age) took the reins, operating the studio until his untimely passing in 2017. Throughout this time, the Hamanns continued to make waves working with bands and artists such as Pere Ubu, Brian Wilson, Lenny Kravitz, Wild Cherry, Michael Stanley, Robert Lockwood Jr., Guided by Voices, and The Black Keys to name just a few.


In 2018, Suma was purchased by current owner/operator Michael Seifert and an extensive rehabilitation and renovation project, involving the building as well as the equipment, commenced. In January of 2021, Suma began booking clients again on a limited basis with the studio officially reopening to the public in early 2022. We are honored to carry the Hamann’s legacy forward with the hope that music and creative energy will continue to fill Suma’s hallowed halls for generations to come.

Ken Hamann
Ken Hamann (Photo Credit: Plain Dealer Historical Photograph Collection)
Paul Hamann
Paul Hamann (Photo Credit: Peggy Turbett / The Plain Dealer)


SUMA Recording is located 30 minutes east of Downtown Cleveland.

5706 Vrooman Rd, Painesville, OH 44077

(440) 352-9802


SUMA sign
SUMA hand

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